Book cover head shotCharles R. Young is currently a practicing podiatrist in Michigan with forty-one years of private and hospital practice experience. In addition to his activity on the teaching staff of a major community hospital, he is also an adjunct professor at both the Michigan State Osteopathic School of Medicine and the Kent State School of Podiatric Medicine.

Doctor Young’s writing accomplishments include the following:

  • Authored a book entitled Winning Weekend Tennis  (Bracey Publishing Company)
  • Authored a 415-page textbook entitled Making Your Practice Grow (Bracey Publishing Company, 1996)
  • Numerous published articles in various national medical and surgical journals
  • Authored a series of six CDs for a pharmaceutical company’s national distribution
  • Authored a weekly newspaper column for two years on common athletic injuries. Circulation: 200,000 readers
  • Taught an adult education class on creative writing fundamentals

Charles also enjoys writing fiction. Short stories, novellas, and novels are his true loves, and he is continually working at honing his skills. He is an avid reader and loves finding books he can’t put down. His writing style emulates that same concept. He has a fiancèe, two children, five grandchildren, loves the game of tennis, enjoys cooking, and playing with his dog, Henry.