Dealing with Death

Book Cover: Dealing with Death

The loss of a loved one is one of life's most challenging and emotionally painful events. The mourning period often includes a wide variety of physical and/or psychological changes, and there's no precise way to determine when they might occur or how long they might last. During this difficult time, there is a vital need for informational support and personal guidance. The healing process can then begin once these needs are adequately addressed. Moreover, attempting to ignore the profound effects of the bereavement process will only increase the pain and anxiety experienced.

Dealing with Death is a collective diary of my experiences after losing my wife after 40 years of marriage. Over the past several years, I have made he details of my journey through grief available to patients in my practice who have been similarly affected by a loss. The wonderful responses and favorable feedback prompted me to make this guide available for anyone who must navigate this most difficult period.


“Dr. Young’s book entitled Dealing with Death helps to bridge the gap of confusion regarding what one might encounter during the grieving process. He uses his personal experiences to form an outstanding informational source for the reader. His book is particularly unique because it focuses on the living and his or her needs rather than on the deceased. Dr. Young discusses the grieving process as an event that may or may not involve a number of emotional and/or psychological changes. He carefully guides the reader through the maze of grief with the emphasis being that times of healing will eventually occur. This book is information-packed and a must-read for those facing this most difficult period.”
—Scott J. Allen, MD

“Dr. Young provides a welcome personal voice to the practical considerations involved in the bereavement process. He particularly succeeds in educating others about how essential it is to endure the grieving process and not to suppress it. He also reminds his readers that it is critical to embrace the support of others (including the potential for professional help) during their journey of living with loss.”
—Al Garmo, MD
Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst

“In the same way that a person should not experience ovarian cancer without support, a person who is grieving needs resources and support to cope in the time following a loss. Thank you, Dr. Young, for reflecting on your own experience and creating this book to help others.”
—Michelle Shepherd, Secretary
Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Board of Directors

“This book sat on my nightstand for months with me reading it nightly. It eased my pain, explained what I might encounter, and showed me that these dark days would improve with time.”
—Mary Paratore
In memory of Michael J. Paratore (1921-2012)

“When times got tough, and they did; Dr. Young’s book gave me the emotional support I needed to get to the next day. It gave me hope, inspiration, and the belief that things would get better.”
—Virginia Krese
In memory of John C. Krese

“This book was terrific! I had no idea how rough the grieving period could be until I was in it. The information in this booklet helped me to understand and survive this difficult time.”
—Gerald Ewald
In memory of Evonna Ewald

“Nothing can take away the pain of losing my husband but reading this book made me realize that the emotions that I was going through were normal. It was comforting to know that I was not alone in experiencing the feelings of depression and anguish. Dr. Young’s book made me realize that I will eventually find emotional relief with time and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”
—Eleonora Kukuk
In memory of Kent Kukuk

“The pain during the bereavement process does not go away. But it helps a great deal to understand what you might experience along the way. This book provided helpful guidance and the knowledge that better days were ahead and that I was not alone emotionally during this painful period.”
—Danny Smith
In memory of Casey M. Smith