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Our world is a rapidly changing complex environment that, on a day-to-day basis, is faced with a multitude of social, economic, and political issues. These various issues are discussed, debated, argued, and occasionally resolved, but one thing is for sure: They make us think and examine our own moral, ethical, and political views to the extremes. This blog will present my opinions on various current issues in the hope of stimulating your comments and responses. The purpose here is not to persuade you to accept my viewpoint, but rather to stimulate thought and to encourage a response. After all, the true enjoyment of expressing an opinion is when someone else gives his or her views as well.

I add a new blog post every other week, so check back often!

Politics in Action

I am an admitted news junkie. When it comes to political elections, I watch all of the debates, read about where the candidates stand on various issues, and review summary articles in several of the popular magazines. I honestly consider myself to have no particular political affiliation, but rather base my vote on how I feel about the issues at the time of the election. My summary statement for this election is that I am turned off by the excessive negative campaigning that has earmarked this entire campaign. I am tired of the childish name-calling, nasty accusations, and persistent claims without validations. This attitude, by the way, is not a unilateral party tactic. Both parties are playing the same game, while we, as voters, are subject to the identical trash at the expense of potential benefits from learning about the ever-important issues of the current times. And, man oh man, do we have them!

I would thoroughly enjoy listening to a fireside chat by prospective candidates as to what they would do about improving our economy, creating more domestic jobs, and reducing the crime rates. I want to know about our foreign policy concerns, not only in the Middle East but also in Indochina, Eastern Europe, and the status of the NATO Alliance and its probable future. Let’s hear about the immigration problem and some realistic approaches to dealing with it. Our penal system needs help, as do our healthcare and social security benefit programs. Our current national debates have become circus events where the television ratings and media reactions are more important than the potential information obtained.

What we don’t need is the continued finger-pointing, double-talking, nonsensical accusations of public office-seeking candidates. I am tired and worn out from hearing very little substance in a room filled with political fluff. I honestly believe that our current political campaign system has reached a new low. I also believe that the American public, generally speaking, is growing tired of it as well. The time is long overdue to stop these amateur performances and start addressing the issues of major concerns.