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Our world is a rapidly changing complex environment that, on a day-to-day basis, is faced with a multitude of social, economic, and political issues. These various issues are discussed, debated, argued, and occasionally resolved, but one thing is for sure: They make us think and examine our own moral, ethical, and political views to the extremes. This blog will present my opinions on various current issues in the hope of stimulating your comments and responses. The purpose here is not to persuade you to accept my viewpoint, but rather to stimulate thought and to encourage a response. After all, the true enjoyment of expressing an opinion is when someone else gives his or her views as well.

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Electronic Games

Today’s youth is being raised on a steady diet and availability of visual stimulation, be it from special effects in the movies, video games, and a variety of other electronic devices including cell phones and tablets.  The results are slowly becoming evident and seem to be worsening with time.  Children are spending more time indoors involved with sedentary game playing and television watching.  Participation in athletic activities and outdoor endeavors seem to be on the decline and the results are among other issues, childhood obesity on an epidemic proportion.  Overweight sedentary children can and probably will increase the numbers of adolescent and adult diabetics, cardiac patients, and/or various types of cancers later in life.


A second problem that I see with all of these electronic/video obscessions is that they tend to dull the mind.  In other words, the constant need for visual stimulation over time, can decrease an individual’s creative capabilities.  A person’s ability to imagine a scene or action from reading a book or listening to a story can be a tremendous experience but is all to frequently replaced by the need to visualize it in some sort of special electronic format.  If we continue to raise children who perhaps, are replacing reading with game boards, we will most likely observe educational results as they become young adults in the future.


Now, please understand my point of view on this issue.  We live in an age where video games, television and theater movies are available daily.  Our cell phones are fast becoming control centers for our daily functions not to mention their social networking capabilities.  I am certainly not suggesting that we not allow our children to experience the wonders of these space-age accomplishments.  However, as parents, a good idea would be to mix in a healthful exposure to a more active type of routine including sports (not from a video screen) and reading to develop the participation in group playtime with other children.  I would suggest setting reasonable limits as to the time allowed sitting in front of a video screen and would try to disengage the cell phone periodically from the ears of young people to encourage more interactive verbal social skills.  I remember hearing a recent report on a researcher’s findings suggesting that video game use produces children with improved finger dexterity.  What a sad price to pay for our children in the win/loss collumn!


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